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The most basic or the most versatile? Ponderings of a basic white shirt

You have one, don’t you?

We can’t think of any man who won’t have a few of these classics in their wardrobes. Moreover, you don’t really need a stylist to tell you just how effortlessly you can match one with just about anything out there!

And yet, a stylist sure can add to your own repertoire of ideas and hopefully expand on the versatility of a basic white.

Here are a few ways to style a white shirt for a variety of diverse occasions:

1. Breeze through the weekendWhite Shirt

You know this well, we are sure. Pair a white shirt with a pair of jeans, and boom! There’s a go-to style statement for the weekend! What makes things easier is just how easily you can take this look to a dinner party with family or to the movies with your partner. Last-minute plans thrown at you? Roll-up your cuffs, tuck the shirt in, and wrap it all up with a pair of white sneakers. Now that is one look that is as weekend-ready as you are!

2. The dinner date look

White Shirt

A dinner date on the cards? Dressing well for the occasion sure earns a few brownie points with the ladies. More brownies assured when you opt for a well-fitted black jacket, or a white dress shirt with a pair of brogues. For a more casual look, opt for a band-collar white shirt, a pair of striped trousers and white sneakers. See her swoon!

3. Get the scoreboards rolling

White Shirt

There’s nothing like a day to kick-back and watch a live match with your buddies now, is there? Next time, place your bets on a white shirt and watch yourself score in style. You can team it with a pair of denims and a sport coat for that extra edge. For a sharper look, you can also opt for a pair of trousers, a tan belt and matching loafers. Game on, hey!

4. One for the business party!

White Shirt

Business dinners and off-site parties are perfect occasions to build a rapport with those big shots at work. A crisp white shirt does not fail when it comes to leaving an impression. Team one with a pair of chinos, loafers and a patterned bow-tie for a semi-formal look. Or, pair it with tailored trousers, a black tie and Derbies for a more formal look.

5. White – The code for success at work

White Shirt

A white shirt is a reliable ally when it comes to making an impression at work. You can wear it with a finely textured pair of trousers or a two-piece suit for a neat look. Finish your ensemble with Oxfords or Derbies, for a look that says you mean business.

When you have a fine white shirt to save your day, any last-minute plans are a delight. Best wardrobe investment ever, we say!

Looking to find a few? Browse a few perfectly tailored ones here.

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