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The new age shopping experience – Introducing ‘Virtual Store’

There are a few of us who love to shop and then some, who don’t. What if we were to say that there wasn’t much difference between the two?

Why? You ask. Well you see, we like to believe that everyone enjoys shopping. It’s just that some folks don’t like the drama and effort that comes with the act, that’s all. They dislike the hassle that accompanies such an endeavor and fear losing out on all the time. One can understand such a predicament – I mean let’s be honest here – finding that perfect outfit that checks all the right boxes is as easy as finding a needle in a haystack.

Although fear not, ye mortals – here’s a little something from Peter England that would make the whole deal a lot easier, and so much fun!

Virtual Store

Say hello to the Virtual Store!

Virtual, as in online? Umm…yes, but a little more than just that.

Let us show you how.

Virtual Store

Granted, online shopping is easy, convenient and what not. It’s a super choice when you’re buying that shirt for an upcoming office event. You go online, select your favourite from a plethora of options, look for availability in your size etc, and you’re done!

Not quite.

Deep down, a lot many of us would still prefer to feel the fabric, see how the shirt fits on us and try out a few options for real, in a real store. I mean, wouldn’t that be ideal!

Image 3

Now consider the physical store shopping experience. You take help from the store staff, select a few options, feel the fabric and try them on to check how you look. But, you only get to choose from the options that an outlet stocks, which can be limited for many reasons. Many times you enter a store equipped with all the research and knowing exactly what you are looking for in terms of the colour, style and design, but seldom have you come out with a bag full of happiness. It’s disappointing when the store manager answers your questions with, “Sorry Sir, but we don’t have that in stock right now”.

This is where the Virtual Store comes into action – it merges the online and physical store shopping experiences, and helps save time without compromising on the shopping expectations.

What is a Virtual store?

Virtual Store

Peter England has always found ways to revolutionise products and customer experiences.  Well this is one such initiative from the brand, that we call the perfect convergence of the physical store and an online shopping experience.

Virtual store offers a simple & interactive solution. If you have recently visited a Peter England outlet you would have noticed a touch-enabled screen. That screen is the store’s online platform.

If you’re not too keen on exploring the store itself, get comfortable and look up everything Peter England has to offer, on one screen and then VOILA! Try a shirt or more at the store itself! Ask many questions, touch and feel the fabric, take the staff’s inputs – in short, take advantage of every facility an equipped, physical store offers using the virtual interface. And guess what, you don’t even have to carry anything out with you. Instead, ask to have the final product delivered at your doorsteps. This also works in cases where you find the perfect design in the store but not the colour or the size you want. Just pick your size virtually and have it delivered to your doorsteps!

Virtual Store

Payment procedures are no different either – pay using cash or card, or even COD.

Cool, isn’t it!

We think the Virtual store is something that can finally make shopping a perfect experience for all – those who love the act of shopping, and even those who tend to get troubled by the required effort! The added advantage is that you only need to visit one store to explore options available throughout the country! It makes perfect sense for those of us who hate walking around the city carrying shopping bags. Now they can buy them on the virtual store and have them delivered at home.
In short, the virtual store has the ability to deliver an enthralling shopping experience, not just by bringing in the best of both the worlds of shopping but also eliminating their limitations.

Take a walk into our Peter England store and experiment yourself, and let us know all about your shopping experience in the comment section below.


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