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While the world shimmers in festive sparkles, it’s that time again to ponder over what the new year may hold for us. And what we could make of it, given a resolve and a little inspiration. Well, here we are – back with that magical blank page and a pen that can give one supernatural powers to change lives…Oh wait, change the whole world! As you prepare for 2018, allow us to help a tiny bit with ideas that create resolve – which in turn (we hope!) will create new year resolutions that don’t just stick, but work, too. For you, and for your world.

So, what’s the worth of a year? A certain amount of ‘value’ you reckon?

How about adding some real values to such an imagined ‘value’? Values that we are certain, will help all of us be better and make the world around us, a little better than we know it.

  1. CommitmentNew Year Resolutions

    Promised yourself to learn a new skill in 2018? Or do you plan to begin something new? Either ways, you can count on your own enthusiasm when you begin. And yet, we have all experienced a little problem that comes along with initial enthusiasm – It rarely lasts.

    Here’s another way to look at it, that may help – If you love your idea, enthusiasm will be a natural by-product. But, when the hard times and road blocks will get in the way, it’s commitment that will see you through.

    Write down that end result you hope to achieve. Look at it tomorrow when the breeze has waned…trust us when we say that it will help you find the impetus at such moments, to move forward. Whether it was you who found yourself in trouble, or it was trouble that found you mid-way, the idea is to not give up, and stay committed.

  2. Seamlessness

    Once you have your commitments lined up, the real work begins! How do you go about managing them all? Think priorities and weightages here – and say hello to Planning – your new best friend!

    Cruise your way through goals, action plans, commitments, while fine-tuning your actions to stay in the flow. Remember, no river was given a path. It had to make one, over time and thanks to its single-minded intention to find a way forward. Earth relented for the river, as will the world for you, if you keep at it.

  3. Speed

  4. Passion

    New Year Resolutions

     What fuel can one add to committed goals that are seamlessly followed through at great speed?


    All accomplished men seem to have had it, and better yet, it made them find love in the most menial of tasks.

    Well we say 2018 is the year for you to get yourself a pack full of this magical potion.

    Is it that simple? It could be.

    When you love what you do, you tend to improve yourself at any cost to achieve it. And how does one manage to love everything they do? Look at actions as challenges to achieve what you love, as against a “task” one needs to finish. If you think of it as a challenge, or an experiment and see it from a different perspective, you will start finding a reason to do it more.

    Wouldn’t it be great to build a passion for every commitment that you have in 2018?

  5. Integrity

    We all give ourselves a perfect 10 in our minds for this one. We do no wrong and mind our own businesses. Now that’s integrity. Isn’t it?

    Sorry mate, that’s just the half of it. The other half includes standing up for what’s right, even if it isn’t any of your business.

    Educated and empowered as we are, we all tend to stand up for ourselves. But not everyone is in a position to fight for their own cause. How about making a commitment to stand up for a cause that brings you no benefit at all?

    Maybe it would change the world, or maybe change a life. Rest assured, it certainly would change you, for the better.

  6. Be Everything you Love

    The perfect version of ourselves, that’s what we all aim for. Well, all the pointers here are designed to get you on the path to that perfect self. A man of commitment, who gets through each of them seamlessly with speed and passion, can be a man of integrity who changes lives and the world around him.

    Come, let’s upgrade ourselves to version

    Embrace the distinctiveness that we are, and turn us into humans that inspire – us.

    How’s this for a resolution list for 2018? We say, this list works for life! But, in case you have some more pointers, do let us know in the comment section below.

    Happy New ‘You’!!

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