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Talk about bags, and women will totally rule that conversation. How about men? Would they be interested in a similar chat? Or are they confined to just their office bags and backpacks?

Remember the episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, where Joey is laughed at, for carrying a ‘man’s bag’? That was quiet a scene! Well, as it appears, times have changed, and Joey was right, after all. Bags are quite practical and now, they are super trendy as well!

The man on-the-go needs more than just the basics. Nothing too complicated, we assure you and moreover we have simplified this with a run down on 5 bags that every man should own. Hey, and don’t worry, they are well in par with the latest trends too!


This one is a smarter alternative to plastic bags. We call it a sustainable replacement! The fact that it is lightweight, makes it all the more popular and versatile. Fashioned in various styles from leather, canvas, denim or PU, there’s one to suit every occasion. Next time you travel, carry one in your favourite pattern to hold your essentials in style.


Now, who doesn’t love a functional backpack? But just being functional does not cut it anymore. This season, look for styles that can make a statement, too! There are a bunch of designs to pick from – bold graphics, neons, camouflage, tonal looks etc. Match your outfit colour with your bag for a look that stands out.


This oh-so-professional looking clutch, is easy to carry about. Mostly seen in tan and black leather, this design is convenient and stylish to keep your essentials. A perfect choice to suit your need for minimal accessory at work and beyond.


A bum bag or waist pack for those who would like a better name, has quickly turned into a must-have. From London to Paris, we’ve seen men embracing these on the streets during the fashion weeks. Conventionally worn around the waist, these bags were seen slung across the chest during the fashion weeks. Wait, should we call them a chest pack now? ?


Cross-body bags, as the name suggests are worn across the body. Usually small in size, these bags are suitable for travelling when you don’t have much to carry. In short, cross-body bags are smart, convenient, and uber-cool.

These are the most trending bags for men. Go ahead and shop for the one that suits you best. Having said that, at the end of the day, don’t forget the most crucial essential, your wallet!

Let us know in the comments section below, which one you would try first!

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