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The week may have gone at snail speed. But the weekend sure steers on over-drive. Before you know it, you are on a countdown to your Monday blues again. You can either go crazy or plain lazy over the weekend. Whatever you choose, here’s an idea. Go all in for kurtas this weekend. It’s crazy, because not many men dare to wear it over the weekend. They are meant for the festivities, traditional ceremonies or that dreaded ethnic day at work. If you chose lazy, you can go with kurtas. They are super easy to style.

Oh, and we promise. Your rugged charm will only double-up with these styles. The bonus? They are comfortable, effortlessly classy and are sure to grab some attention.

So, here are a few hand-picked kurta styling options for you to make your weekend a bit more colourful –

Good old jeans and a jacket

You know the best way to unwind after your busy work-week is to grab a glass of your favorite drink and spend some quality time with your friends. Look no further for a perfect ensemble that says sheer class for the occasion.


Style a short kurta with a pair of dark jeans and ankle boots for an effortless look. Toss a jacket over your ensemble to add that essential touch of sophistication.

Joggers in hot and bold prints

What’s a better way to truly make a statement than to show-up in a kurta to a date? Kurta scores well with the ladies and she will remember you for being unique.


A black long kurta looks incredible on anyone and it’s so easy to find. Team it with a pair of printed joggers and casual lace-ups. And with that, trust us, you have already shown your lady-love a few good moves! Now top it with your humour to sweep her off her feet.

Chinos for the ‘comfort’ factor

Comfort is truly the key when it comes to family dinners and events. Look picture-perfect in a simple kurta to relish those precious family moments without any hassle.


Pick a long kurta made from a breathable fabric like cotton or linen. Finish your look with a pair of smart chinos and leather moccasins to savour your time with your loved ones.

Shorts – your best shot for kurtas

Packing up your weekender bags and heading out to the ‘unknown’ would be a perfect way of reconnecting with yourself over the weekend.


Here is an adventure gear that would be truly riveting for your tastes. Your obvious choice – A pair of shorts teamed with a not-so-obvious kurta. Finish your look with a patterned scarf or muffler to make those adventure runs a tad more thrilling.

Now that you know how to style it to your best advantage; pull out those ‘special-occasions-only’ kurtas and show them some light. Style, experiment and have some serious fun. Happy weekend gentlemen! Make this one count.

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