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Are you one of those daredevils always on the lookout for some adventure or ‘trouble’ as some people call it? Like racing up the stairs to log in before your boss, who is already halfway up in the elevator? Then you know that formal trousers were never really your thing. What’s the perfect companion to your work wear woes? If you haven’t already guessed, it’s your favourite pair of jeans! Style them up smartly and you have a great work ensemble.

Here are 5 ways to wear that comfortable pair of jeans to work –

Almost formal


You couldn’t pull off a more corporate-looking ensemble than this one. Dress up like you normally would in a formal shirt, blazer and Oxfords. Swap your trousers for a pair of dark unwashed jeans. They look almost like trousers, only with that extra comfort.

Almost casual, but not quite


Do you have plans after work? Then a solid T-shirt, a pair of jeans and a blazer would be your safest bet. Talk about versatility and that cool guy vibe you will be sending off with this one. Your options for the T-shirt may be limited to solids or minimal designs, but you could experiment with crew-necks, turtle-necks or even V-necks.

Sweater, the better


You know those days when the weather is such that getting out of bed is the last thing on your mind? Give yourself a little incentive like adding a cosy sweater to your look. A crisp white shirt, warm sweater, a pair of jeans with or without a blazer sounds like a recipe for success. Doesn’t it?

Cardigan comfort


You don’t want to work at all on your outfit, but need to look presentable and also be at ease? Sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it? Well, not with this look. A dress shirt to look smart, a pair of jeans for your comfort and a cardigan to tie it all together. Roll-up the cuffs and throw in a tie for that extra edge.

Double the denim


Take it a bit further if your love for denims cannot be satiated with just a pair of jeans. Throw in a denim shirt too. The golden rule here is to break the blues with a blazer or a sports jacket. Be warned though, you might be a little ahead of fashion with this one. But who cares, you are your own boss. Right?

Those jeans you wear to your desk? They can help save the environment too. Want to know how? Check out our story on Oxygeans here

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    • Hey Nithin,
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