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YOUR FIRST PITCH – Making the right impression!

Got yourself a million-dollar idea? Kudos! You may just be a few steps away from becoming the new Mark Zuckerberg or Sachin Bansal (These men need no introduction). In a couple of years, kids are probably going to replace these names with yours.

A tiny bump on the road? You need the venture capitalists to believe in your idea and invest in it. Right? Well, that’s not all! While you may have a magnetic personality, a brilliant case to support your idea and a set of colourful recommendations; If you don’t dress to impress, consider all that hard work a sheer waste of time.

So, here are a few ideas to make that first impression count before you present your idea:

1. An ensemble that does justice to your personality

Let your clothes make a strong case for you, even before you start making one for yourself. Let that vibrant personality of yours shine through and make an impression.

First Pitch

If you are a relatively low-risk kind of a person, embrace that stability you bring to the deal. A neat dress shirt with a colour coordinated pair of trousers and polished dressy shoes should be your best choice. Go for simple hues and silhouettes.

First Pitch

If you are a daredevil kind of a person, incorporate an unexpected twist in your ensemble. Break the corporate monochromes by adding a patterned tie to your formal mix.

2. ‘Groomed’ to the nines

Whatever your style is, looking neat and presentable goes a long way in creating an impression. Messy hairdos and oversized layers can make a statement on a different day. Trim your hair, clip those nails, polish your shoes and iron your clothes. Most significantly, invest in clothing that fits you perfectly. Trust us, if you miss the fit, you miss the point.

3. A statement element to make an impact

Branding yourself is as important as branding your case. Add a personal touch to your attire and make those investors remember you the next time you walk in.

Having said that, watch out for possible distractions on your ensemble. Your individual styling should be like a brand logo that brings value to the identity without compromising the overall look.

First Pitch

Keep your ensemble well-coordinated with respect to the colour themes, patterns and trends. Add an interesting element like a refreshing pocket square or a patterned bow-tie to rev-up your look.

Your ensemble should ideally make the opening statement and then give control over to you, rather than over-powering your conversations.

4. Confidence – Your best argument

While your attire gets you the initial attention, and your presentation to the next level, being confident is the only way to seal the deal. Believe in yourself and be confident.

While it is easier said than done, there are a few factors that can help you look and feel confident. An ensemble that resonates with your personality will only give you the extra comfort points to sell your idea. Save those style experiments for a different occasion. Also, reaching the venue on time and having all your facts and documents ready will take you a long way.

Facts and graphs? Check. A great ensemble? Check. Confidence to bag million dollars? Check. Now that you have all that you need to make a great impression, let’s get that project selling. Shall we?

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  • This was a fun one to keep in touch with; it’s pleasant to see the no-nonsense Metrosexual look begin to blur away and a more bona fide show of manliness start to grab hold once more.

    • Hey,
      Thank you so much. Keep reading our blogs, and do let us know in case you want to read something else.

      Peter England

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