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Earth Day

Enjoying the hot summer? It’s a tad bit too hot for your liking, isn’t it? Well, brace up for even hotter weather because things are truly boiling up here on our planet Earth. The environment has rapidly been increasing in temperature and all thanks to us, humans!

The smart race that we are, shouldn’t we all ‘go to the ends of the earth’ to save the blue rarity that our planet truly is? Because if not for this one, where would we all go!

Though, are we doing our bit as much as we would like to? Read on to find out…


Of course, the tiny harmless beings that we are, what can we possibly do to harm a giant planet? Well, everything from a water leak at home to leaving the electrical appliances on and so on. Imagine 7.6 billion people doing the same! Now that’s huge.

Here’s a bigger picture of the effects of all those tiny spends we make from the earth’s natural resources –

1. The Arctic region may no longer have any ice

Earth Day

Polar Bears will no longer have ice playgrounds in the Arctic to survive! Based on scientific research, 30 years down the lane we will see an ice-free Arctic basin. Blame the greenhouse gases!

What can we do to help? Prefer to walk rather than take your vehicle out, choose appliances that are energy efficient, consume natural food rather than processed ones (Well, that’s definitely a healthier option too!), all of which will keep it in control.

2. Extinction caused due to disappearing of habitats

Earth Day

36% of all species on earth are at a risk of extinction! We bet you read about the extinction of the last northern white rhino recently that had survived millions of years.

Likewise cutting down large areas of animal habitats for building new fantasy parks, football fields, mansions etc. for a luxury living will eventually lead to the extinction of all species on earth. Good luck humans! How long do we expect to survive, if 36% is already at stake? So, let’s put in our effort to plant more trees and make our earth a better place for all living beings.


3. Sea animals getting killed by plastic

Earth Day

Around a million seabirds and marine animals are killed every year due to plastic ingestion! Plastic might make our lives so convenient, but in the long run, we will hardly have any life left in the sea.

Also, when we loosely dispose plastic into water bodies, a part of it enters the food chain and reaches us through our food. So, next time let’s do our bit by saying – NO TO PLASTICS.


4. Pollution cutting our lifespan shorter:

Earth Day

Air pollution is definitely a hot topic around. Vehicle smoke emission contributes to a whopping 28% increase in the greenhouse gases! Besides air pollution, the countless number of vehicles running on the roads have taken the noise pollution to a new high. Stress and anxiety levels have been spiking up as a result.

While leaving your vehicle home is not always practical, here are a few other ideas to help – Go for a carpool with people who travel the same way. Also, service your vehicle in due time for a better performance and mileage. Electric cars hog up on energy, but at least, prevents emissions.

So that’s just a fraction of the harm we are inflicting on Earth.

As a fashion brand, here’s what we have been up to. Would you like to be a part of it?


Fashion inflicts its fair share of harm on our planet too. We have no solution that is 100% sustainable, but we can improve our practices, both from the perspectives of producers as well as the consumers for a better future.

Peter England strongly believes that we as a youth brand could lead the change the world so desperately needs. We have thrived to bring in the latest innovations to do our bit.

Go ahead and sport our innovative products to stand tall and protect the nature with us. We would be proud to name you our style ambassador on this Earth day–


Earth Day

Jeans that save bucket loads of water in its making, compared to your regular pair! Read more about it here.


Earth Day

The green tea wash shirt that makes fashion healthy to wear! Know all about this innovation here.


Earth Day

The world’s first pair of chinos with NFC traceability! The collection consists of earthy-hued chinos, dyed with waste from beetroots, almond shells, orange peels etc. Get to know all about it here.

It’s our responsibility to save this rare blue dot we call ‘home’. Isn’t it a better time to start with an eco-friendly lifestyle, if not on the ‘Earth Day’? As consumers, your role starts where you choose products that are less harmful to the planet.

Tag us with your earth day initiatives and do let us know how well our innovations worked for you. Also go ahead and jot down ideas for products you would like us to develop more!

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