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There’s always that feeling, that you should have tackled just one more thing before the day ended. You juggle between work and social responsibilities looking to strike that perfect balance. Only, that’s easier said than done.

Let’s let you in on a tiny secret. The key is to ‘Work smart, not hard’. Or rather, ‘Dress smart and score’.

We at Peter England understand that the struggle is real and would like to help you play your roles a bit more efficiently. Here are a few ideas to make your outfits transition from day to night with ease.


Those meetings with clients and investors call for an ensemble that says you mean business. Perhaps, like a suit. And if things work out, you end up spending more time with them outside of work. Now, that suit has to do more than just business, that is, offer you comfort as well.

Here’s a quick trick to make your suit work double time when you head for drinks/dinner in the evening. You can choose to wear a knitted blazer. It’ll move and stretch according to your evening.


Friday evenings see more unexpected turn of events, than the rest. Here’s when you take absolute advantage of your Friday office dress code. Make a T-shirt work as formal wear by teaming it with chinos and a blazer. Classy, isn’t it?

Now, for the evening date or dinner, just remove your blazer, untuck your tee and roll-up the cuffs of your chinos for a dapper, yet relaxed look.

Although we asked you to remove your blazer, it’s best to carry it along. Just in case it gets nippy and your date needs that extra warmth  J


There’s always that one friend/cousin who decides to tie the knot at the oddest time of the year. Like, right when you are at a new job or when you are just back from a long vacation. Try taking a day off and you will hear an earful from your boss. Try missing the wedding and you will never hear the end of it from your friend. Man, are you now in a pickle or not!

Relax though, we’ve got you covered!

All you need is an ensemble that goes straight from work to wedding without a hitch ?

Weddings and celebrations call for a suit. Make sure you wear a suit to work that day, you can choose to leave the jacket out of the equation if you want. But, while heading out for the function in the evening, add a vibrant tie and a matching pocket square to your blazer. This is how you get to be the ‘Best man’ on the go!

Simple, easy, and effortless right? Feel like an undercover agent, don’t you?

When you have several roles to play, you can only hope to play smart with your outfits.

What 2 birds are you planning to kill with the same outfit today? Let us know all about your outfit transformation experiments in the comments section below.

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